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The Time of Sheer is Here

Trendy and transparent, sheer clothing pieces have caught the attention of the fashion industry. We never thought retail would have come this far. Sheer and transparent looks are not for the faint of heart and take a lot of confidence, but oh is it worth the risk when the outfit works out. The most daring piece […]

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Backless is Well…Back!

Backless tops and dresses of every shape and make are highly sought after evening looks this year. It’s really no wonder. Not very many styles can pull off seductive and mysterious the same way a plunging back dress can. Just ask Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Naturally, we’re about to introduce to you the main types […]

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Bell Sleeves and their Re-emergence in Women’s Apparel

Dear the 1970’s, We wanted to let you know that we met an old friend of yours. Bell sleeves, and the dramatic kind that Britney Spears wore in her early 2000’s albums. Didn’t think we would see them for a while, but old flames don’t go away too easily. Given that, it’s fortunate the bell […]

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7 Coachella Pieces that Will Blow Up this Spring

The pinnacle of spring fun, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be blasting their speakers between Friday,  April 14 to Sunday, April 23, meaning that girls all over the world will be scrambling to get their state-of-the-art concert garb ready for 2017. While spring offers a multitude of concerts and music festivals besides […]

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Fashion Is Giving Monochromatic Outfits A Shot

Consumers everywhere were warned: don’t be matchy-matchy. But this is the 20th century, and experimentation is all the rage. Fashion icons like Gigi Hadid and Olivia Palermo sporting one color outfits that are a refreshing deviation from excessive layers, textures, and other looks that need more pulling together. All white in particular has a sleek and […]

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Fashion Styles Girls Demand in Spring 2017

Back in 2016, the fashion industry saw floral printed dresses and Heidi braided hairstyles run rampant on the streets and runways of spring. Very girly. Very sweet.  Very Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. But the trend made a complete 180.  Now consumers are willing to take more risks, meaning that retailers need to supply […]

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Wholesale Sweaters

Perfect for Sweater Weather

 Sweater weather is here and it couldn’t get any better! Thick knits are extremely warm and comfy, while thin open knits are perfect for layering. At Orange Shine, we have all types of knits and options for women’s wholesale sweaters. What’s currently a trend for sweaters is off the shoulders, open shoulders, asymmetrical cuts, and laces. Here […]

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The Best of Our: Velvet Collection

Can we stop and appreciate what gifts the 90’s gave to our wardrobes? Chokers, high waisted jeans, Doc Martens, holographic unicorn inspired make-up, and leather jackets. No complaints here. But real talk- let’s talk about what’s been one of the most searched items on our marketplace: velvet. It’s currently one of the most sought after fabrics […]

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Fall Winter 16/17 Trend Updates: Must Have Tops, Street Utility, and Holiday Favorites

  So you’ve got to ask yourself, “am I prepared this season?” Having a boutique is already a huge responsibility with managing the merchandise, the costs, and manpower it takes to run one. If you’re off schedule for your next merchandise rotation, the opportunities for revenue could easily be bottlenecked. An essential tip to keep […]

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What’s In the Bag? The Top 2015 Fashion Handbags Trends

In today’s era, handbags are no longer a simple accessory. In fact, we don’t reckon it ever has been. It’s a fashion statement. A way for women to make a style statement; and so, one is simply never enough. It is customary for your average fashion enthusiast to proudly boast a collection of handbags, ranging from tote bags, shoulder bags to tiny hand clutches. As a fashion store, are you keeping up with this growing trend? (more…)

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