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The 5 Activewear Items You Need for an Incredible Sales Report

Summer is on its way, and that means our consumers will be keeping active and sporting (pun intended) the newest fitness apparel on their hikes, jogs, or even lounge-on-the-couch sessions. This has been a huge year for active wear with all sorts of new designs and structures coming in. To help you ride this new wave, we […]

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Fall Winter 16/17 Trend Updates: Must Have Tops, Street Utility, and Holiday Favorites

  So you’ve got to ask yourself, “am I prepared this season?” Having a boutique is already a huge responsibility with managing the merchandise, the costs, and manpower it takes to run one. If you’re off schedule for your next merchandise rotation, the opportunities for revenue could easily be bottlenecked. An essential tip to keep […]

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A ‘Plus-Sized’ Opportunity You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

For a moment, let the numbers speak for themselves.

Plus-SizedIt has been estimated that roughly around 64% of women in the U.S. are either overweight or obese. So, your average woman is between sizes 12 and 16. When a London-based research estimated that the plus-size clothing market reached its all time high, nearly $32 billion in 2005, fashion retail outlets had begun to wonder: was this an opportunity worth pursuing? With $32 billion spent, you bet it was!

The plus size market has since then been making waves. If you’re considering getting into the market, here are some things that you should remember: (more…)

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