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Vinyl, the Fabric Everyone’s Raving About

Goodbye boring old leather. Glossy and sleek vinyl material is about to explode in the fashion marketplace. Made out of synthetic rubber once used solely for rain boots, vinyl is now manufactured into every style item ranging from pants to trench coats. And it totally works. Already it has appeared on the high fashion runway shows […]

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The Millennial Takeover of the Retail Industry

The growing trendsetters of food, technology, and culture, the millennial generation have demonstrated their heavy influence on the fashion industry by overthrowing the traditional kings of retail. Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap, J. Crew, or Banana Republic experienced a dramatic decline in sales, downgrading into outlets, having more 50% off sale deals, and displaying their products […]

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Bandanas: Spring 2017’s Biggest Retail Hit

Since their last re-emergence in 2016, bandana scarves have launched themselves back into shop displays of big name retails stores such as J. Crew, Madewell and Urban Outfitters, a move that shook street style culture. While bandanas may seem like a sudden overnight success, their rise has been subtle and steady. Unbeknownst to the regular […]

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