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Wholesale Sweaters

Perfect for Sweater Weather

 Sweater weather is here and it couldn’t get any better! Thick knits are extremely warm and comfy, while thin open knits are perfect for layering. At Orange Shine, we have all types of knits and options for women’s wholesale sweaters. What’s currently a trend for sweaters is off the shoulders, open shoulders, asymmetrical cuts, and laces. Here […]

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The Best of Our: Velvet Collection

Can we stop and appreciate what gifts the 90’s gave to our wardrobes? Chokers, high waisted jeans, Doc Martens, holographic unicorn inspired make-up, and leather jackets. No complaints here. But real talk- let’s talk about what’s been one of the most searched items on our marketplace: velvet. It’s currently one of the most sought after fabrics […]

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Fall Winter 16/17 Trend Updates: Must Have Tops, Street Utility, and Holiday Favorites

  So you’ve got to ask yourself, “am I prepared this season?” Having a boutique is already a huge responsibility with managing the merchandise, the costs, and manpower it takes to run one. If you’re off schedule for your next merchandise rotation, the opportunities for revenue could easily be bottlenecked. An essential tip to keep […]

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Top 4 Myths about Wholesale Fashion Apparel

People often view buying and selling wholesale goods as a get-rich-quick strategy, where the sellers can earn humongous profits from mediocre investment. A few months later, they fail to understand why their plan is not working out accordingly. Listed below are the four myths which can lead potential sellers and buyers off track, let’s debunk them! (more…)

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