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Orange Shine Edition: 5 Tips for A Fast and Smooth Product Return

In e-commerce, returns can get messy. Let’s not lie to each other. But fret not!  For our first Orange Shine tips and advice post catered to our customers and other retailers out there, we have  5 game-changing pieces of advice that will help with your next return request both painless and as speedy as possible. […]

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The Time of Sheer is Here

Trendy and transparent, sheer clothing pieces have caught the attention of the fashion industry. We never thought retail would have come this far. Sheer and transparent looks are not for the faint of heart and take a lot of confidence, but oh is it worth the risk when the outfit works out. The most daring piece […]

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The Androgynous Movement is Changing Women’s Style

Boyish or feminine? Tomboy or girl? How about…neither. The androgynous trend has captured the hearts of many a fashion lover, including Sienna Miller, who professes her love for the bulky men’s shirt look during her interview with Vogue. Miller refers to her laid-back, disheveled outfits as “do-not-fancy-me clothes”. Many women will admit to feeling and looking comfy in […]

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Backless is Well…Back!

Backless tops and dresses of every shape and make are highly sought after evening looks this year. It’s really no wonder. Not very many styles can pull off seductive and mysterious the same way a plunging back dress can. Just ask Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Naturally, we’re about to introduce to you the main types […]

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The 5 Activewear Items You Need for an Incredible Sales Report

Summer is on its way, and that means our consumers will be keeping active and sporting (pun intended) the newest fitness apparel on their hikes, jogs, or even lounge-on-the-couch sessions. This has been a huge year for active wear with all sorts of new designs and structures coming in. To help you ride this new wave, we […]

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Bell Sleeves and their Re-emergence in Women’s Apparel

Dear the 1970’s, We wanted to let you know that we met an old friend of yours. Bell sleeves, and the dramatic kind that Britney Spears wore in her early 2000’s albums. Didn’t think we would see them for a while, but old flames don’t go away too easily. Given that, it’s fortunate the bell […]

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The Millennial Takeover of the Retail Industry

The growing trendsetters of food, technology, and culture, the millennial generation have demonstrated their heavy influence on the fashion industry by overthrowing the traditional kings of retail. Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap, J. Crew, or Banana Republic experienced a dramatic decline in sales, downgrading into outlets, having more 50% off sale deals, and displaying their products […]

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Bandanas: Spring 2017’s Biggest Retail Hit

Since their last re-emergence in 2016, bandana scarves have launched themselves back into shop displays of big name retails stores such as J. Crew, Madewell and Urban Outfitters, a move that shook street style culture. While bandanas may seem like a sudden overnight success, their rise has been subtle and steady. Unbeknownst to the regular […]

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3 Tips for Working with a Wholesale Women’s Fashion Store

The traditional marketplace has evolved by leaps and bounds over time. From making a shift to online stores and taking it global to giving all it takes for effective advertisement, running a business has gone way beyond pricing strategies and sales targets. Today, it is more about your brand image and reputation. You need to have cordial relationships with the wholesalers to run your business smoothly, and here’s how you do it in three easy steps: (more…)

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