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The Androgynous Movement is Changing Women’s Style

Boyish or feminine? Tomboy or girl? How about…neither. The androgynous trend has captured the hearts of many a fashion lover, including Sienna Miller, who professes her love for the bulky men’s shirt look during her interview with Vogue. Miller refers to her laid-back, disheveled outfits as “do-not-fancy-me clothes”. Many women will admit to feeling and looking comfy in […]

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Backless is Well…Back!

Backless tops and dresses of every shape and make are highly sought after evening looks this year. It’s really no wonder. Not very many styles can pull off seductive and mysterious the same way a plunging back dress can. Just ask Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Naturally, we’re about to introduce to you the main types […]

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Fashion Styles Girls Demand in Spring 2017

Back in 2016, the fashion industry saw floral printed dresses and Heidi braided hairstyles run rampant on the streets and runways of spring. Very girly. Very sweet.  Very Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. But the trend made a complete 180.  Now consumers are willing to take more risks, meaning that retailers need to supply […]

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