How the Midi-Skirt Trend Will Increase Your Sales

Popularized by style icon Olivia Palermo, midi-skirts have become the go-to option for effortless class at work and on the streets. The calf-length skirt flatters the ankles and cinches at the waist, accentuating the hourglass figure. Especially effeminate, tutu-like midis flare out and look great with crop tops, mid-length sweaters, and flats.

Scalloped Midi Skirt by She and Sky

It’s especially important that customers looking for items to pair with their midi-skirts end up in your store.

Without further ado, here are the business savvy items to sell during the midi-skirt craze:

1. Dress Shirt

Denim Blouse by Lelis

Many working women are wearing the skirts with collared dress shirts, which are trending over blouses at the moment. We suggest holding more basic, solid colors in the inventory because they are more likely to match with items in your customer’s wardrobe and serve his or her dressing needs. White and greys are worn the most, since many midi-skirts have fun prints and patterns that require some grounding.

Popular materials include denim and cotton– as long as we see that collar. A style trick spear-headed by J.Crew, tying a denim shirt at the bottom into a bow tie is a fresh statement that looks spectacular with a midi-skirt.

2. Crop Top

Criss Cross Tie Crop Top by 2 Hearts

This is the easiest option that pairs perfectly with the skirt. Because the midi-skirt meets the crop top at around the mid-section (with a peek-a-boo of an inch or two), customers are able to create a pulled together look without adjusting any fabric.

There’s also no need to tuck a crop top under the skirt either since length-wise they coordinate so well. Here’s to no material bunching up in the stomach area!

3. Mid-length sweaters

Knit Cardigan by Carapace

These fall under the same category as crop tops when it comes to compatibility, length, and practicality. They end at the mid-section, meeting the mid-skirt, and provide the option to wear more layers underneath. 

They pair more well with pencil midi-skirts and overall more tighter fitting garb worn out at the bottom to balance out the volume. Or another option is crop sweaters that are warmer but just as tight fitting as the crop top.

3. Thin, cotton sweaters

Long Sleeve Sweater by  Lumiere

Women are now tucking their long sleeved sweaters underneath their midi-skirts to stay warm during windy spring weather, but the key word is thin-layered. No one wants material to bunch up into a sweater baby. Otherwise, the pair make for an all around practical and yet stylish outfit for a quick stroll or grocery run.

4. Belts

Skinny Fauxe Leather Belt by Icco Accessories

Woven and other thinner belts are trending alongside the midi as its stylish accent. Kind of like a sidekick to the midi-skirt, leather belts play up the waistline and keep the skirt from sinking from place.

5. Heels

Heels by Ilord Shoes

Because midi-skirts only reveal the leg from calf down, shoes have their moment to shine. To add more femininity to this look, stylists and models have worn heels and stilettos in bright colors for more “mph” and “pop”. The style trick lends even more length, and if there’s anything women want more of, its longer legs.

Platforms, high-heeled boots, and other shoes that lift the heel also can do the trick.

6. Clutch

Sparkling Clutch by Illord

Out of every carry-on, the clutch has been seen the most with midi-skirt outfits in catalogues and party looks. Particularly for formal occasions, the clutch complements so well with a midi-skirts feminine appeal. They mesh more with bigger volumed skirts reminiscent of Chanel’s earlier designs.

However, short handled purses are also a popular choice for a more casual approach to the midi.

It goes without saying that the midi-skirt are the most trending and sellable items on the market right now, but what’s more notable is how the skirt opens a range of possibilities for belts, purses, and jewelry that celebrities have already paired with the skirt in their street style.

The minute your customer spots these seven options on display, trust us, they won’t leave without a full shopping cart.




Leslie Lee, Fashion Writer


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