Backless is Well…Back!

Backless tops and dresses of every shape and make are highly sought after evening looks this year. It’s really no wonder. Not very many styles can pull off seductive and mysterious the same way a plunging back dress can. Just ask Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman.

Naturally, we’re about to introduce to you the main types of backless pieces that have been swarming the market, so be forewarned: a lot of #sexy coming your way.
The Rib-cage

These are backless with a real edge. For consumers who want a less feminine, and more rocker approach to the backless top, destroyed or ribbed designs do just the trick. Rib-cage looks are the most popular among concert-goers.

Washed Rib Cage by Mitto


So much room for creativity for these! With the different shapes and sizes revealed in the back, they certainly freshen up a top. Some are tied at the top with bows or ties, all wonderful embellishments.

Back Deep Cropped Top by A OK


The shoulder baring piece of the year had to make it on our list. Many lie mid-chest and don’t show too much of the back, which is why you need to find the styles with sleeves lying lower on the arm with an exposed back. Off-the-shoulder tops are manufactured with lower and lower dropping backs, and we have to say that we approve.




Solid Crinkled Off Shoulder by Entro
Solid Crinkled Off Shoulder by Entro

Plunging Back:

Ooh la-la! Plunging back lines are as sensual as it gets.They trend the most with long evening dresses and cocktail dresses. Backless dresses in particular achieve sexy while staying tasteful and elegant. With the onset of summer parties, we can expect these items to feel the most love.


     Jewel Strap Dress by Minuet


Do you have any favorite backless looks? Don’t be shy! Comment on our selections and let us know if you’d be willing to try one of these out.



Leslie Lee, Fashion Writer



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