The 5 Activewear Items You Need for an Incredible Sales Report

Summer is on its way, and that means our consumers will be keeping active and sporting (pun intended) the newest fitness apparel on their hikes, jogs, or even lounge-on-the-couch sessions. This has been a huge year for active wear with all sorts of new designs and structures coming in. To help you ride this new wave, we have provided you with the top five trending looks that will send fitness fanatics sprinting to your retail store.


1. Leggings with see-through stripes

Two Mesh Capri by LA Society


Ballerina Mesh Up by LA Society

This look is huge right now in the fitness apparel industry. The leggings game has been growing dull within the past year, so designers have come up with a new take on the basic black yoga pants.  Transparent, scandalous fabric add an edgy accent to capris and ankle-length leggings for yoga, running, and even weight lifting fanatics.

Angling down the side like lightning bolts, the stripes activate the leg and give the impression of speed and power. The sharp lines and angles create an aerodynamic feel. These spruced up versions are worn in every L.A. Fitness, 24 hours, and Equinox across the country, not to mention featured on fitness Youtube channels.

Anyone selling or marketing active wear cannot afford to ignore the hype over the design, nor should they want to. I mean, they’re bomb.

2. Caged Sports Bras

Sports Bra by Color 5

Caged designs are the hottest trends for 2017, period. This intricate design has hit the activewear apparel markets harder than Ronda Rousey slapping down a check for Reebok hoodies. Caged designs permeated the lingerie business, and naturally, whatever happens with regular lingerie will affect its sporty counterpart.

Because women have begun to wear bras as stand-alone pieces, bras are more detailed and even reach the mid-torso (these are called the midi-bra). Particularly popular among the yogis, elastic lines criss-cross along the back and come out in all sorts of fun patterns, colors, and shapes. Shoot for the bras that focus their design on the back, as the most trending tops in activewear right now cover the chest and open up behind.

3. Matchy-matchy jumpsuits

2 Piece Set by SNG Apparel

Matching sets are now a staple among the fashion community, and active wear is no exception. A patterned sports bra with matching leggings is a great option for go-getters who don’t like to spend too much time coordinating their workout gear. While bra and legging sets have demonstrated unprecedented popularity, we predict the the jumpsuit will be the season’s rising star.

Black Jumpsuit by LA Society

This generation is all about convenience, and jumpsuits allow time-constrained athletes to slip in and out with little hassle. It also doesn’t hurt that jumpsuits are extra flattering, hugging the figure in all the right places and all the right ways. What can we say, it’s a double threat in the fitness industry and shows promising selling power.

Celebrity models like Gigi Hadid are even pushing for this look in their own off-duty outfits, so it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the fitness world follows “suit”.

4. Popout Patterns

Activewear Pants by Color 5

Patterns, prints, and colors can make or break sales when it comes to the activewear game. Avoid reptile-like designs as those are a huge sales risk and often amount to more misses than hits. If you pass any gym boutique in Los Angeles, you’ll notice the snake skin and obnoxious tie-dye prints are the last to leave the racks.

Instead, think more “Hawaii”.

Leggings and tops with more tropical, warm tones are perfect for those who workout outside. Smooth and swirling designs that resemble the ocean or wind tend to sell the best, along with bright, neon colors. Retailers can also choose cold, icy tones with harsh patterns, such as static white or steel blue. These are perfect for the gym.

5. Tight jackets

Be Free Jacket by LA Society

These have to reach up to the neck in order to achieve that intense, bad-ass professionalism the more serious fitness gurus tend to shoot for. Women obsess over this look, reminiscent of  Kate Beckinsale’s butt-kicking days for the Underworld franchise. The jacket looks upscale and maintains a serious, no-nonsense design that prevents drag and enhances speed.

Avid neighborhood runners and marathoners gravitate towards this look.  Sometimes you’ll have busy soccer moms (who don’t actually play soccer, or any other sport for that matter) wear them while standing in line for coffee. Despite its functionality, many consumers purchase activewear solely for its sporty appeal and stretchy material.

These five fitness must-haves are the newest bad boys in town, and every smart retailer will know to have them in stock. We suggest you act quickly, because what better time to store up on activewear than right before bikini season? People have to prepare their summer bodies wearing something, and it won’t be in their PJ’s.


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