A ‘Plus-Sized’ Opportunity You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

For a moment, let the numbers speak for themselves.

Plus-SizedIt has been estimated that roughly around 64% of women in the U.S. are either overweight or obese. So, your average woman is between sizes 12 and 16. When a London-based research estimated that the plus-size clothing market reached its all time high, nearly $32 billion in 2005, fashion retail outlets had begun to wonder: was this an opportunity worth pursuing? With $32 billion spent, you bet it was!

The plus size market has since then been making waves. If you’re considering getting into the market, here are some things that you should remember:

1.     Start & Stay Innovative

You may think that this genre of fashion is niche. You’re far off the mark. In the United Stated, it no longer is. So you can’t really get away with mundane, been-there-done-that prints and fabrics. Move away from predictable, and embrace some creativity and variety in design. That will set you apart from your customers because it’ll show that you are really committed to originality.

Buy in Bulk2.     Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk will offer you two advantages: one, you get to purchase multiple types of outfits so you can offer your customers a variety to choose from. They like to be offered the luxury of options. On the other hand, when you purchase in a large quantity, your per unit cost decreases. So your business gets to benefit from wholesale clothes purchases.

3.     Understand the Specific Needs of Plus Size Women

It is quite challenging for plus size women to find outfits that fit right. Speaking to your clients about what they prefer, the size adjustments, etc, will help you gain deeper insight into their needs. A body hugging outfit on a size 6 will look very different than what it would on a plus size woman. So refrain from just ordering bigger size and invest in plus size clothing that is specifically designed for them.

4.     Compete On Quality, Not Just Price

Not Just PriceIf you really want to make it big, you’re going to have to invest in high quality products. As an online or physical store retailer, your clothing line is what your customers are going to see. Mediocre, predictable designs that are not a reflection of their style will just disappoint your customers. Choose to purchase from a wholesaler that offers you premium quality and designer collection of plus size outfits, with the added benefits of lower costs.

And lucky for you, we are just that! We understand the needs and desires of plus size women, working with manufacturers who qualify. To take a look at what we have to offer to take your plus size business to the next level, explore the collection at OrangeShine.com.

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