The Androgynous Movement is Changing Women’s Style

Boyish or feminine? Tomboy or girl?

How about…neither.

The androgynous trend has captured the hearts of many a fashion lover, including Sienna Miller, who professes her love for the bulky men’s shirt look during her interview with Vogue. Miller refers to her laid-back, disheveled outfits as “do-not-fancy-me clothes”.

Many women will admit to feeling and looking comfy in their over-sized sweaters, baggy boyfriend jeans, and short haircuts , but it’s turned into quite the trend. Female gravitation towards men’s style has become intentional and even contrived.

Shirts and ties seen usually in an all male office are now gracing the runway shows for fall and spring women’s collections this season. Slacks and trousers with cuts resembling those of tuxes on a menswear rack are now a commonplace item among working women. The pockets run deep too, so no need for a purse. That, I have to say, is a definite perk.

Grid Printed Trousers by Blush Noir

Recently Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart have been icons for the look, cropping their hair and wearing clothes with sharp lines and dark colors. The difference is palpable. Full of attitude, the celebrities exude edge in their departure from conventional femininity. Yet, the style can come across quite adorable as well.

Fashion String Necklace by LA Jewelry Plaza

Suspenders and bow ties look darling together, appropriate for work and daily runs to Starbucks. The movement also made strides within women work wear, with many powerful businesswoman leaning towards pant suits over pencil skirts and loafer over stiletto heels. I have to say, I understand the switch.

But the androgynous look is not about a woman trying on men’s clothes and looking like a boy. Androgynous is a blend, with no distinctive aim towards either a feminine or masculine image. That’s why there is such mystery and fascination tied with the androgynous look.

It seems otherworldly, and the most fearless and forward fashion enthusiasts are eager to explore the unknown. Time will tell whether or not regular customers will brave this look out in their own outfit choices.

As a reader, what do you think?


Leslie Lee, Fashion Writer





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