Bandanas: Spring 2017’s Biggest Retail Hit

Since their last re-emergence in 2016, bandana scarves have launched themselves back into shop displays of big name retails stores such as J. Crew, Madewell and Urban Outfitters, a move that shook street style culture.

While bandanas may seem like a sudden overnight success, their rise has been subtle and steady. Unbeknownst to the regular consumer, women have been going ga-ga over the small piece of fabric. 

Paisley Pleated Chiffon Bandana by Urbanista

Fashion bloggers have been bringing the look back within the past year. The likes of Marian Theodorsen, Ashley Lopez at Simplicity and Coffee, and Mary Orton at Memorandum have posted chic looks for everyday wear, work wear, and more with their bright, red bandanas as style accents. Soon the bandana became a wardrobe staple among the fashion community, but rest of the world was unsure. It was a little too quirk, too unique for the regular consumer.

“Can I really pull this off?”

“I’m no Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday.”

But as people began to pay more attention and fiddled with its design, the cowboy bandana underwent a chic makeover that popularized the item. Whereas before the bandana was worn puffed out in front of the face for rock concerts, Kentucky derbies, or motorcycle ride parties, the bandana of today is smaller and thinner. The material is silk or a light cotton with nude, white, and gray patterns, tied in an adorable bow at the front like a 1950’s sailor.

Playful and neat, the new design and wear is perfect for spring weather and emulates the vibrant mood of springtime. But the colors make a substantial difference.

Bandana by Illord

When worn in more nude and gray tones, the bandana is taken more seriously. Even showing up on runway shows of high fashion, the bandana has risen into the epitome of chic and class. The bandana, expensive handbag, and crisp dress shirt outfit has assumed a more upscale feel.

Industry professionals picked up on the accessory’s potential, noticing their growing relevance among the fashion community. They picked up the look and ran with it. Before long, bandanas had seeped into the mainstream.

Paisley Pleated Chiffon Bandana Scarf by Urbanista

The look has experienced wild success and still makes sales today at the larger department stores, such as Nordstrom, to make sure to carry them. No longer did you see it on the neck of a passing hipster. They are now a staple in a woman’s wardrobe, as wearable and normal as a necklace. Some even wear it around their wrist as a makeshift bracelet as well as their handbags.

Though it is hard to say how long the bandana craze will last, we know it’s here and business professional will want to take advantage especially during the upcoming Coachella season when the look will be in full swing.


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