Fall 2020 BEAUTY & MAKEUP Product Trends!

Retail makeup & beauty product trends for fall 2020! While masks are still very much a thing, the demand for cosmetics is still going strong!

If you’re a buyer for a beauty brand, skincare company, or you’re looking to start your own makeup line…look no further, we made a guide to 3 hot product sellers for any cosmetic retailer. Stock up on these in your inventory this season!

1. Lashes

Gone are the days of mascara n’ go. If you sell eye products of any kind, LASHES are a must – they’re one of the No. 1 fastest-growing makeup trends of 2020. Since everyone is wearing masks, eyes are one place that are still always visible – so it’s more important than ever to make those stand out.

With many lash extension salons still closed (and many customers afraid of the COVID-19 risk), more ladies are turning to daily-use lashes to get that voluminous POP effect. Plus, zoom, TikTok, and virtual/on-camera appearances are becoming more and more popular…which means makeup has to be on point!

We recommend carrying a few variations of lashes: volume, classic, real mink, faux-mink,and tapered, so that your customers have options to suit their unique eyes. Jaya Lashes & Steven Ella are two GREAT wholesalers for all of your lash needs – they’ve got hundreds of different lengths, thicknesses, and textures to choose from.

Wholesale Lashes: Shop Now on OrangeShine

2. Brows

In conjunction with lashes, brows are a must! Since most of the face is covered with a mask, it’s important to make that top half on POINT. Make sure to grab more than one shade – black is not a universal color for everyone! Think: caramels, browns, and charcoals for a more natural look.

For every color, have product options: a wide filler, thinner pencils, and liquid gel. When your customers find their ideal color match, they love the ease of finding all of their favorite products in that hue! They’ll remember you as the store that always has the colors & products they need, which means they’ll keep coming back to you.

Need to stock up on lots of brow essentials for your store? MYS Wholesale & Solution are great wholesalers to check out.

Wholesale Eyebrow Makeup: Shop Now on OrangeShine

3. Nail Polish Sets

Trendy pedicures & manicures have always been a thing. But more than ever, we’re seeing super creative nail art designs! For example, rhinestoned nails, tri-tonal patterns, even 3D shapes of popular princesses & animated characters!

Pro tip: you can sell individual colors, but also curate them in product sets! Realistically, your customers are going to paint their nails in more than one shade. Curate a set of at least 3 together, and create a name for the color group. Want to take the guesswork out? You can actually buy prepackaged sets straight off or OrangeShine. Knittrend and Illord Accessories have some fabulous options to choose from!

Wholesale Nail Polish: Shop Now on OrangeShine

What are your thoughts on these beauty product trends? Let us know!

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