Fall Fashion Colors 2020: Hot Tropical Brights!

Hot tropical brights are HUGE this season! Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean summer vibes are fading. Tangerine & Hibiscus are two BIG fall fashion colors during the seasonal transition.. Pair a bright top with some white jeans for the ultimate, classic-chic, resort-inspired combo. Or add a funky scarf or purse to top off a simple look!

One slight difference between summer & fall colors? Autumn hues tend to be a little more smoky & burnt. So when you’re doing your wholesale shopping on OrangeShine, think “summery, with a tinge of ash!’

We love these fall fashion colors! Here are some styles to inspire you:

1. Jumpers

The perfect layering piece, jumpers slide right overtop a sweater or long-sleeve. Contrasting hues create a color-block effect, which makes the jumper stand out even more! If you’re adding jumpers to your inventory, we strongly recommend stocking up on long-sleeve layering basics in different shades. (Examples: wholesale sweaters, turtlenecks, v-necks, or thermals.)

Have a brick & mortar store? Layer the jumper overtop the long sleeve. This will encourage your customers to buy a complete outfit instead of just one piece.

Oh, and bonus points for the matching plaid scarf! Keep reading…

Photo Credit: Daily Dose of Charm

2. Poppin’ plaid scarves

Because base of this look has more neutral tones, the bright orange scarf really pops out. Peep the summery, bright, hibiscus hues – they bring the traditional plaid to life.

Pro tip: if you have a brick & mortar store, style the plaid scarves on a few different mannequins, so your customer can see all the possibilities for this piece. Are you entirely eCommerce? Awesome – post some #OOTD inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest! Slay this trend.

Photo Credit: Styleoholic

3. Bright statement bottoms

A lot of people tend to fall in this fashion trap: a cool top with black leggings or plain jeans. Let’s mix it up this fall! Show your customers how to turn the tables with bright bottoms. While dark, solid hues are more minimizing, brighter colors define lines and curves.

In this particular look, sticking to black & white basics establish a modern, monochrome effect, which really makes the pants stand out! A wet-look finish also complements the sleek, futuristic feel of the outfit. When in doubt? With statement pieces, make the rest of your outfit crisp & minimal. That makes the brightest item really stand out!

Photo Credit: Purewow

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