Fall Winter 16/17 Trend Updates: Must Have Tops, Street Utility, and Holiday Favorites


So you’ve got to ask yourself, “am I prepared this season?” Having a boutique is already a huge responsibility with managing the merchandise, the costs, and manpower it takes to run one. If you’re off schedule for your next merchandise rotation, the opportunities for revenue could easily be bottlenecked. An essential tip to keep in mind is to always be prepared when catering to the demands of your target audience. Luckily, we’ve got your back and have some ideas to what you can supply your boutique with this season.

E Buh | Must Have Tops

E Buh OS Trend

You’ve got to make sure that your selection includes items that are versatile with the rest of your customers’ closets. They could grab a garment they like and then decide to put it back because they suddenly thought “I probably am only going to wear this once”. Don’t let this happen. Whatever catches their attention and they pick up, their thought should run along the lines of… “Oh my gosh! This will look good with my jackets back home! I have so many bottoms that will pair perfectly with this”.


CT1301-B E Buh ct1240/b E Buh ct1243/A E Buh

Off Shoulder Tops

ct1279/b E Buh ct1285/c E Buh ct1285/e E Buh


CT1128/C E Buh CT1302/A E Buh ct1290/f E Buh

Sole Mio | Street Utility

Sole Mio OS Trend

It’s crucial to carry the seasons’ wholesale trending styles for your customers. What’s popular right now is the “utility style” and its’ earthy color schemes. Daya by Zendaya just recently launched her line of affordable designer clothing (not to mention HOT). Besides this multi-talented trendsetter, you’ll see this style adapted by many fashion influencers such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner this Fall and Winter. Here are some pieces that will go great together with a bomber jacket.


s6t2879h49_black sole mio s6t2720i24_wine sole mio i6t1265 Sole Mio


i7p1104_olive sole mio s6p2689k10 sole mio s6p1962g14_taupe sole mio


i6d1221_black sole mio s6d2769i58_black sole mio s6d3005l68_rust


i6j1228_olive sole mio I6C1258_OLIVE Sole Mio I6J1222_KHAKI Sole Mio

Zutter | Holiday Favorites

Zutter OS Trend

Last but not least, you have to stay relevant to the season. Your customers want to purchase something to wear for the occasion, and your boutique should have it ready for them. This Fall and Winter, we have wholesale clothing for Christmas, Thanksgiving, game day, and even sweater weather.


f15n-3164_oatmeal zutter F77-6125_OLIVE Zutter f60n-6126_oatmeal zutter


F67-6127_RED Zutter F72-6122_GREY Zutter F72-2982B_CHARCOAL Zutter


F79-6125_CHARCOAL Zutter F79-3153_CHARCOAL Zutter F79-3084_GREY Zutter

If you love what you’re seeing, make sure to check out the wholesale brands‘ pages. They have more items there for you to browse!


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