Fashion Is Giving Monochromatic Outfits A Shot

Consumers everywhere were warned: don’t be matchy-matchy.

But this is the 20th century, and experimentation is all the rage. Fashion icons like Gigi Hadid and Olivia Palermo sporting one color outfits that are a refreshing deviation from excessive layers, textures, and other looks that need more pulling together.

Hoodie Set by Many Many

All white in particular has a sleek and elegant effect. Olivia Palermo adds black accents with the belt and the heels, maintaining a minimalist approach. The look seems to work as long as the patterns aren’t too flashy, or better yet, just not there at all.

Gigi Hadid even matches her entire outfit all the way to her rad sneakers and purse in the same nude tint. Again, the effect is clean and simple. The monochromatic outfit is easy on the eyes, whereas elaborate and crazy color schemes can overwhelm. Models from across the world have also picked up on the ease and freshness of the one color wonder.

Crop Set by Hers N Mine

Take Korean model Oh Song Hwa, wearing all black for Spring 2017 in Lim Jae Hyun attire, for example. If it has a place in high fashion, the outfit choice has a place anywhere in the fashion scene. The style is a bit daring for the shyer consumer, so they can choose to temper it with differently colored accessories or outerwear.

Customer can still take part in the monochromatic trend without going all the way. Pairing a denim jacket with all white apparel underneath or adding a statement necklaces can do the trick.

In any case, when we see one girl pull a look off, the masses will follow suit. So stocking up clothes in your favorite color may not be the strangest idea after all.



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