Halloween Fashion 2020 Amidst COVID-19

New Style Trend for Halloween

With COVID-19 this year, we will have to take extra precautionary measures during Halloween. For instance, the CDC recommends wearing cloth masks as part of the costume; leaving treats outside for trick-or-treaters; or having gatherings outdoors with fewer people rather than indoors for less risk. Also, bringing hand sanitizers, washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks are strongly advised as usual.

This year will be different with likely fewer people trick-or-treating or attending large Halloween parties. Yet, the fun doesn’t have to all be lost. Some alternative activities include holding virtual costume contests, visiting pumpkin patches or having at-home scavenger hunts.

Likewise, COVID-19 will alter the Halloween fashion trend from previous years. More people will wear face masks with Halloween themes. Kids will be wearing face masks while trick-or-treating in addition to their costume. Although it will not look awkward, it will be a new change.

As you search for your right style of costume from spookiness, glam to comfort, OrangeShine can help add to your outfit with our wide selection of Brands. You can find Halloween-themed women’s clothing, kids clothing, accessories and costumes in our OS Trend Report. You can also find other items on our website, such as accessories, shoes, handbags, cosmetics and fashion to match your wardrobe.

Halloween masks
Halloween Masks

Purchase packs of masks that will decorate any outfit.

Halloween face mask costumes
Halloween Face Mask Costumes

Try these elaborate masks that will definitely make a statement.

Donna di Capri

Celebrate Halloween with a selection of a variety of our costumes.

Halloween socks
Halloween socks
Selini NY

Halloween socks will mark the occasion and is an easy way to be more festive.

Halloween sweatshirt
Halloween Sweatshirt

For those who would rather be more subdued, a simple sweatshirt to enjoy the holiday can suffice as the costume.

Wide Selection of Cosmetics
Illord Accessories

Don’t forget to purchase eye makeup and other cosmetics to embellish the costume.

Fashion boots
Fashion boots
Stella Shoes

These peppy shoes are not only fashion-forward, but are sure to get attention.

Halloween bat earrings
Halloween Earrings

LiveLove Boutique

Bat earrings are the perfect touch to sparkle an outfit.

kids clothing
kids clothing
Haute for All

Bundle up the little ones with a coordinating outfit.

Halloween kids face mask
Halloween Kids Face Mask


And of course, you can’t forget the kids who need masks while they are trick-or-treating!

We hope you enjoy your Halloween this year despite the dramatic changes in our lives, and stay safe!

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