Hot Stuff Coming Through – Top 5 Dress Designs Your Store Needs

Pencil Line DressAs seasons change, we cannot help but get inspired by the changing trends and the hottest designs. From bold prints, subtle styles to dramatic dresses, the world of dresses is emerging. One person quoted accurately, “Fashion fades; it’s style that’s eternal”. Does your retail store have the latest, hottest and trending? Here are 5 chic trends and wholesale dresses you need that are guaranteed to keep your customers happy:

1.     The Formal Pencil Line Dress

Clubbing DresEvery career woman needs pencil line dresses. They’re modern, sophisticated, stylish and the epitome of feminism. With more and more women readily stepping into the roles of businesswomen, and various other professions, having a stunning collection of pencil line dresses will give you the added edge. You could have a premium collection, and with the best brands, you can skim a decent profit, too! Check out our collection of formal, career wear.

2.     A Party/Clubbing Dress Collection

Women love feeling beautiful. And nothing contributes to that better than a stunning, edgy and gorgeous frock that makes her feel fabulous. You can really invest in this collection because your customers are constantly on the lookout for casual and formal party dresses with stylish designs. For a diversified collection, look for details that are a mix of classy, trendy and edgy—like floral prints, embellished necklines, innovative cuts, retro-inspired colors, and lacy inspirations.

3.     Bodycon Dresses

If there were ever the kind of dresses that would turn heads, it’s the bodycon. These body hugging dresses that are designed to accentuate the best aspects of a woman are a hot favorite. Celebrities like LeAnn Rimes, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have graced the red carpet in these dramatic bodycon outfits.

4.     LBD – The Little Black Dress

Little Black DressCall it a staple outfit, but it is a fashion rule that every women should own a little black cocktail dress that they can dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. In terms of versatility, style and color, this kind of outfit is a must have for women – fashionista or functional. And so, it is a must-have for fashion retailers as well!

5.     The Perfect White Dress

White DressAs an instant complexion brightener, white dresses are not just a summer rage. They’re a manifestation of sophistication, classiness and style. To really get the most out of these dresses, you should find a creative way of promoting it. We recommend displaying it with the right fashion jewelry and shoes to complement it; and you’ve got a winner!

Looking to stock up on wholesale women’s dresses? Explore the collection at now and take a look at some of the trendiest dresses in varying styles that are sure to make your customers fall in love.

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