How to Find Wholesale Clothing Vendors

You’ve started your fashion boutique journey, and now you need to gather your inventory. Stocking up your clothing store is a major investment, so it’s crucial to do thorough research. For your fashion business to be successful, you’ll have to cultivate a relationship with a clothing vendor.

Of course, that starts with finding the right one.

Researching vendors can become overwhelming. Clothing is a commodity with infinite demand, so the sea of supplier options is endless. If you’re not a designer, but are passionate about clothing, you’ll need to source ready-made options. 

But, no need to stress! We’ll tell you how to find wholesale clothing vendors and what to look for in your perfect match.

What Is a Wholesale Clothing Vendor?

First of all, let’s tackle the basics. What is a wholesale clothing vendor? Some terms might feel a little foreign if you’re new to the fashion industry. Luckily, it’s all pretty easy to grasp. 

A wholesale clothing vendor sells apparel in bulk quantities at a lower cost than retail pricing. Fashion boutiques can then purchase items from the vendor and resell them at higher retail prices in their store.

There are many important things to consider when looking for a wholesaler. You want to look at your profit margins, what pieces they have that match your style, and if you feel like a good relationship can come out of the partnership. All these components are essential.

A wholesale clothing vendor’s job is to distribute or transport the retailer’s selected clothing items directly to the retailer. The fun part about finding a good wholesaler is that you can curate your brand’s unique style by choosing pieces that align with your vision.

Why Are Wholesale Clothing Vendors Important to the Industry?

If we didn’t have wholesale clothing vendors, the fashion industry would suffer for it. The importance of their role in the business can’t be understated. They buy clothing from apparel manufacturers in bulk before supplying their fashion retailers. This makes them an indispensable middleman for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to get their hands on high-quality, affordable, and trendy clothing to pursue their dream of owning a boutique. 

Here are a few reasons why vendors are foundational to the fashion industry:

  • They allow retailers to purchase ready-made pieces in bulk.
  • They make it easy for new entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.
  • If you’re not a designer, you’ll need a good vendor to help you bring your vision to life.
  • They facilitate relationships with apparel manufacturers for retailers.
  • Boutique owners can choose from their wide range of clothing options and styles.

If you’ve ever shopped online and fallen in love with a boutique’s curated selection of pieces, you can bet that they have a great clothing vendor behind them. Ultimately, wholesale clothing vendors connect retailers old and new with high-quality, accessible, ready-made pieces. This allows retailers to supply trendy, stylish, and desirable clothing to their customers.

How to Find, Enroll, and Buy From a Vendor

The process of choosing the perfect wholesale clothing vendor is a tricky one. You want to vet every option thoroughly before deciding who to go with because they will be the backbone of your business. 

Fortunately, enrolling with and buying from a vendor is usually pretty simple. Most vendors try to make it as streamlined as possible for new and existing retailers, so you can rest assured that your chosen partner will likely hold your hand through the whole process.

First, you’ll need to find that perfect match. 

How to Find a Vendor

You’ll start where all good searches start—with Google. If you find yourself typing in “best wholesale clothing vendor” or “best wholesale clothing websites,” you’re not alone. Many people who embark on the journey of opening a clothing store don’t have insider friends and knowledge to get a good referral. The internet is always available for you! 

OrangeShine is a wholesale clothing vendor that specializes in supplying retailers with high-quality, trendy, in-style pieces that are sure to delight even the toughest of critics. You’ll want to find a vendor that doesn’t compromise on anything important to you, whether that be fabrics, designs, or overall style. 

What to Look for in a Vendor

Here are a few key things to look for in a wholesale clothing vendor:

  • High-quality clothing
  • A variety of styles (you don’t want to be limited)
  • At the very least, a style that aligns with your vision
  • Trendy items to attract shoppers
  • Affordable prices that give you a good profit margin
  • Great communication between you and the wholesaler

Overall, you’re looking for a vendor to build a lasting relationship with that embodies your desired quality level and style.

How to Enroll With a Vendor

So you’ve found your dream wholesaler. Now how do you enroll? Again, this process is usually pretty simple, but it does vary from vendor to vendor. 

On their individual sites, you’ll usually be able to find the enrollment process laid out without much difficulty. It will typically be a contact form or another method of getting in touch. However, contact the vendor directly if you can’t find this section for any reason. 

OrangeShine makes it easy to register for an account as a registered buyer. With an account, you can easily shop for new apparel, accessories, footwear, and beauty products that are part of our extensive collection. Visit our homepage and click the button in the top right corner that says register to join today.

How to Buy From a Vendor

Once you’ve gone through the enrollment process, you’re ready to start collecting pieces for your inventory. Congratulations! You’re one step closer to opening the fashion business of your dreams. 

As mentioned previously, when you buy from a wholesaler, you’re buying in bulk. So keep that in mind as you’re browsing. Before you make your purchases, consider these questions:

  • What is your brand’s overall feel and style?
  • Are you pulling inspiration from a specific era?
  • Are you going for a streamlined, matching collection or something more eclectic?
  • What about patterns and prints? How do you feel about those?
  • Do you have a certain color palette?

These are great things to think about before you make your first order and begin curating your brand, but it’s just a starting point. You can get as detailed as you want about your clothing offerings, and your target market will love you all the better for it.

Check Out OrangeShine’s Wholesale Clothing Offerings Today

Now that you know what a wholesale clothing vendor is, why they’re so important to the industry, and how you can purchase from one, you’re ready to visit OrangeShine and get enrolled. Our best-in-class offerings don’t skip a beat on quality, design, or style. We put our retailers first, meaning you’ll never have to worry about spotty communication or a lack of trust in your partnership with us. 

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