How to Style Tie Dye!

Tie dye is a timeless trend that never goes out of style! Whether you see it in bold primary colors or pretty pastels, it’s a fun, artsy print to add to a simple everyday outfit. Here at OrangeShine, we have tie-dye pieces in every color & aesthetic you can imagine.

1. Vintage-chic with high-rise jeans!

Tie-dye was huge in the 80s and 90s…and it’s here to stay! Jeans are one of the most popular staple items in every wardrobe. They’re versatile and go with just about anything. High-waisted mom jeans were also quite the craze back then.

go vintage chic with a bright tucked-in tee and mom jeans.

2. Athleisure: Athletic matching sets & co-ords!

Matching sets are all the craze – they’re complete outfits packaged in one bundle! A top & bottom in the same print and color scheme establishes a theme for your look. As a bonus, fun exercise gear is a good motivator for getting through your workout. If matching sets aren’t your thing, get them anyway – wear tops and bottoms individually with solid pieces for a funky mix & match look.

Tie dye athletic sets are all the craze!

3. Bohemian-chic with Rompers and Jumpsuits!

Rompers are all the craze and have made quite a huge push in the past decade. In addition, not only are they comfortable, but they’re also extremely stylish and versatile! Wear them on their own for a classic, minimal look. Or glam them out with multiple funky jewelry items to make an extra-big statement.

Fun pink pastel rompers with a drop waist. Big layered necklaces are a great bonus accessory. Matching lipstick too!

4. Streetwear-chic with casual, loose minidresses!

On a dress? Tie-dye isn’t necessarily a glamorous, elegant print. It creates a bold, abstract, funky statement! Funky athletic sneakers give this look a casual, laid-back streetwear look. Bonus points: The bubble-toe sneakers also fall in line with the 80s-chic vibe of this outfit.

Tie dye t-shirt dress with adidas superstars

Hope you enjoyed these tie-dye outfit ideas! Let us know which one was your favorite and your favorite ways to use tie-dye. Stay tuned for more fashion tips & trend news!

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-Erica Lin, Sales & Marketing Specialist


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