Labor Day Beach and Swim Picks!

Happy almost Labor Day weekend! Here are some fun end-of-summer trends to try out. Whether you’re going to the beach, barbecue, lake, or pool, it’s always an excuse to have fun with fashion!

labor day weekend

1. Fun, printed swimwear!

If you’re going to the beach, you definitely want to make a statement – and the easiest way to do that is with a bold, tropical swimsuit! Bright patterns are always a go-to, and yellow is an especially poppin’ color. Vertical stripes also have a slimming & lengthening effect.

labor day weekend

2. Vibrant beach towels!

This is a must! A circular towel is a great option because it gives you a broad surface area to lay your stuff down. The flowery, geometric design also makes it Instagram-worthy! As a bonus, it’ll be easier to spot your things when you have a bright, rainbow-colored beach mat.

3. Funky footwear!

Plain old flip flops and slides are a no-go. Go for something glam and sparkly! The shimmery, sequined details add a luxury twist to the outfit. The bright rainbow colors also lend a bohemian flair to your look! The thick platform soles also add a bit cushion on your foot, so they’re more comfortable to walk in.

Labor day weekend

4. Bright bags!

Totes are totes a go-to for the beach, since they hold everything and more. Tropical fruit is a fun print to opt for, since it especially reflects that end-of-summer vibe. We love the warm, cheerful pineapples and papayas! Beachside cocktails are a bonus.

labor day wkd

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