Little Tricks to Spruce Up Your Retail Merchandise!

It’s astounding what a little adjustment can do for a piece of clothing. A tuck here, and a cuff there, and all of a sudden a passerby will go, “Is that new?” But this doesn’t just apply to a singular outfit you might happen to wear one day. Imagine what these tips and tricks can do for clothing presentation in your store and the vision it’ll give your customers, or better yet, read about it!

1. Cuff the sleeves

For crisp dress shirts and flannels, try to unbutton them at the ends. Once you do that, you can roll them up to the upper arm level and cuff them neatly. This gives the sleeves more volume and texture, but make sure the shirts are hanging rather than stacking them up on a table because that would only look unkempt. Many department stores present their dress shirts in this manner, and it definitely makes sense. The extra flair captures the customer’s eye.

2. Add accents to skirt and dresses.

You need to create a vision for the customer when they pass by the merchandise, and skirts and dresses are the most easy to embellish. Take what handbags and jewelry you have and lay it on the mannequin. Add a leather belt to a skirt, even if it’s on a hanger, or place a pair of heels right under a mannequin. Placing a piece of jewelry on top of a flatly laid dress can have the customer hovering over.

3. Hang flowy tops

For tops and dresses with a bit more flow to them, be they ruffled or pleated, we recommend you hang them up. This position allows the customer see the fabric twirl and breathe. It is clearly the practical move, as folding them up would only create unflattering bunches. So when setting up products, always take into account the volume and fabric texture. These factors will let you know where and how to display the items.

4. Lay Jewelry Down

We know everyone owns those jewelry hangers and stands that keep your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings hovering in the hair, but we’re suggesting a novel approach. Arranging necklaces and bracelets aesthetically on the display table can also have your customer’s hovering over and admiring the goods. Moreover, hanging the jewelry can make the customers struggle to get a good view. It doesn’t help when the jewelry keeps shifting, and not everyone wants to try a necklace on and go find a mirror.

5. Hang Scarves On A Hook Rock

While with jewelry you want to lay down, how about we try hanging up scarf selections. From Levi’s to Anthropologie, this has been the go-to option for displaying ties, belts, and scarves among other longer accessories. Stores like to hook them on metal hoops in a long, colorful row. They have a big presence in the sales floor and are easy to spot from a distance.

6. Jeans Ladder

7. Glass Jars

Glass is all around us in visual merchandising now. Stores like to stuff keychains, headbands, and hairpins in delicate jars for a vintage look. Just make sure there’s enough room for someone to stick their hand in.