Return of the 90’s Fashion

As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun. The expression is also true in fashion; it’s a continuous cycle of trends innovatively making their return. The slip dress and kitten heels have officially resurfaced as we find ourselves in the process of 1990’s fashion.

The ’90s were a particular time in fashion people love to relive. Shows like Friends highlighted the industry through Rachel’s always fashionable character, played by Jennifer Anniston. Rachel worked for Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren and even traveled to Paris. There were also movies like Clueless that highlighted fashion in ways that continue to be replicated today.

Street fashion was able to trickle up to high-end fashion designers thanks to lesser-known designers like Dapper Dan. The designer would reconstruct and design a high-end garment for his clientele ranging from boxers and musical acts from the late ’80s into the ’90s. By the mid-’90s, designers like Tommy Hilfiger began partnering with hip-hop artists to promote his streetwear line of similar fashion.

The 1990’s fashion is heavily coveted amongst fashionistas. It exudes fun, excitement, and freedom of creativity. The styles that emerged during this time were a combination of streetwear with the class and sass of the ’60s as we saw more tailored looks and pairing of hats.

Now that you’ve had a quick history lesson to freshen your memory let’s take a further trip down memory lane. You will find a few of our favorite 90’s looks available at that will undoubtedly sell quickly.

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