Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

As the year 2021 comes to an end, it is only fitting that we bring you all the fantastic trends you can expect to see in Spring 2022. Despite the last two years of fashion consisting of loungewear, the new year brings bold looks, bright colors, and textured details. You don’t have to discard your knit sets completely, but you can expect a significant update to this look. Brands have incorporated stylish patterns and embellishments to make working from home look and feel like a fashion statement.

The fashion industry is similar to The Matrix, a world within a world built on inspiration and creativity. The Spring 2022 showings brought Fashion Week to the forefront after a year of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. Designers tapped into their creative energies, bringing inspiration to the runway and soon to your stores and closets. Although the trends mirror styles seen during the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000’s, the nostalgia is refreshing and welcomed. 

The following trends will be essential going into 2022:

1. Halter Tops

Top designers Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, have included the halter as part of their spring collections. The halter look is expected to be a popular style worn as a top, dress, and even swimwear.

Brand: Lovely Ellie

2. Bold, Bright Colors

Designers heavily used lime green, hot pink and tropical prints in their Spring 2022 collections. These colors will be popular among spring accessories such as handbags and shoes. The bright color trend is carrying over from the fall/winter collections and shows no loss of momentum. 

Brand: Latiste

3. Beautiful Bouclé

Bouclé is a staple of the high-end fashion house Chanel. This fabric will be seen on trench coats, skirts, shorts, and handbags. TheParisian, Eurocentric elements of this texture exudes style and elegance and is sure to elevate any look. The wearer appears to be of stature to pull off such a look.

Brand: Latiste

4. Super-Size

Expect to see oversized shirts, jackets, and pants in all colors and textures. Even suiting will be a trend for men and women, as seen in Gucci and Louis Vuitton collections. This oversized look will be available in individual pieces and coordinating sets that can be mismatched. 

Brand: Le Femme Fashion

5. Loving Leather

Leather has become a year-round trend that we can’t seem to unleash from the fashion scene. Leather dresses, shorts, shirts, jackets, vests, and pants will be available this spring. If you are not a fan of 100% leather, there is sure to be a faux option available.

6. Coordinating in Style

In authentic ’90s fashion, coordinating sets have returned in leisurewear and high fashion. Coordinating two and three-piece sets dominated the runway for Spring 2022. These sets will be available in high-quality knits and patterns, perfect to wear while working from home. You will also find high-end coordinates in leather, bouclé, tropical prints, satin, and even silks. 

Brand: Retro Fashion Wholesale Apparel

7. Mini Bags

Small bags have been all the rage over the past year. This season will bring bright colors, cylinder shapes, and trunk style bags will be the go-to for a night out. These bags will also vary in textures and fabrics that designer Brandon Blackwood is known for in recent collections.

Brand: Shopneighbors

8. Safety Pins

Versace introduces bright, bold, colorful safety pins as a part of their Spring 2022 collection that is sure to be popular as we move into the summer. The style has already been seen in gold hues, worn as earrings and adornments on clothing such as shirts and skirts.

Brand: Illord Accessories

9. Stellar Suiting

Suits will look a little different this season as designers have inserted an element of drama into our everyday clothing. Suit jackets and pants will be more oversized with ’80s style shoulders and tailoring around the ankle, similar to the balloon pants of that era. Some suit pants will have a wider leg at the bottom, including pocket details resembling a cargo style with elaborate buttons matching the paired jacket. 

Even blazers have a new look as they will be worn as oversized dresses with tailored waistlines and eye-catching buttons.

Brand: Hidden Alley

10. Return of the Vest

The resurrection of the vest has followed the drama of the suit. Vests were super popular in the ’90s and late 2000s. The vest will be included in suit sets as part of the three-piece ensemble. This look will also be a stand-alone look with coordinating pants or jeans. Expect to see the vest in many patterns and textures, especially leather!

11. The Rise of Y2K Denim

Think back to the bands and R&B acts of the 2000s. Stars all wore matching outfits that incorporated both baggy and skin-tight low-rise denim more often than not. There will be an influx of denim apparel this season, from jackets to jeans; everyone will be wearing it, there is no doubt about it. Denim has already shown up in stores and appears on the runway in all styles and sizes.

Brand: Miss Sparkling

12. Shimmer & Shine

Glitz and glam will continue far beyond New Year’s Eve, the most notable being sequined coordinate sets. Headwear will also be a part of the accessories trend when it comes to shimmer and shine. You will see sequins in all hues, rhinestones, an array of hat styles, and elegant hairpins.

Brand: Le Femme Fashion

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