The Time of Sheer is Here

Trendy and transparent, sheer clothing pieces have caught the attention of the fashion industry. We never thought retail would have come this far. Sheer and transparent looks are not for the faint of heart and take a lot of confidence, but oh is it worth the risk when the outfit works out.

The most daring piece of sheer garment on the market is the completely transparent top, worn over a decorative bralette or other statement lingerie. Off duty models such as Kendall Jenner are fascinated with sheer black, exposing all that’s not covered by whatever undergarments they have on.


Striped Sheer Top by Hers N Mine

The sheer shirt comes in all kinds of forms and variations, though most of them resemble the common graphic tee, exhibiting straight lines and simple, rounded collars. Brands take the liberty to interpret the sheer black shirt however they like, coming out with gauze-like or silky versions. they also come in pleated or fish-net textures.


Embroidered Top by Hers N Mine

Taking the look even further, transparent bodysuits have hit the retail market.  Rather than on the streets for regular day wear, sheer body suits mainly appear in high fashion runway shows, a setting where designers and fashion enthusiasts can run free and wild with their sartorial visions. Shows that feature sheer don’t even bother with a bralette. They cater to the stripped down versions, making for an unapologetic presentation of the human body.

From these sheer collections come inspiration for moderated, more modest approaches to sheer fabric. Brands have incorporated see-through in formal, casual, and even outerwear for sensual appeal.

Dresses with see-through lace have become popular, as well as those with sheer material exposing the shoulders, arms, and upper chest. This design lengthens the arms and highlights key areas of the figure, and the best ones make sure to balance class with sensuality.

Take the sheer maxi dresses for example. The form is covered with opaque material until the mid-thighs where the sheer fabric begins, adding a sense of mystery but steering clear of trashy. We call this the layered sheer, in which sheer fabric layers over a base design that doesn’t cover the entire body and leaves room for a bit of skin.

Little did we expect for sheer to come out in jackets and cardigans though, and for this to work out so well. There are times when fashion overrides practicality, and see-through bomber jackets is one of those moments. Transparent except for the attached collars, cuffs, and prints embroidered on the material, sheer bomber jackets make a fierce personal statement.

Sequined Jacket by B-Sharp Collection

Flowy cardigans striped with sheer fabric also allow the right amount of peek-a-boo. Designers are experimenting with the style all the time, especially with the oncoming warmer seasons.

Sheer’s rise is steady, and we expect for consumers to be more willing to try it out.

They definitely make an unforgettable impression. When seeing a passerby in complete sheer cross the street, one has to wonder…”can I pull it off?”



Leslie Lee, Fashion Writer.




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