The Best of Our: Velvet Collection

Storia Miss Love TCECCan we stop and appreciate what gifts the 90’s gave to our wardrobes? Chokers, high waisted jeans, Doc Martens, holographic unicorn inspired make-up, and leather jackets. No complaints here. But real talk- let’s talk about what’s been one of the most searched items on our marketplace: velvet. It’s currently one of the most sought after fabrics thanks to its soft texture and vibrancy. Orange Shine has one of the largest selections of wholesale velvet clothing online. After browsing through our marketplace, you’ll probably exhaust all possible variations of velvet. Here are our current favorites and we hope you love them as much as we do. But hurry, these pieces sell quickly! You’ll want to get on this train before the warm weather rolls in.

Wholesale Velvet Clothing

Wholesale Velvet Clothing


HT012B Storia t31513-b miss love t31638 miss love

bt6144-2_mauve blue blush t31529 miss love t31471-c__ miss love

t31506-b_ miss love t31506-b miss love


p31563-b miss love p31563-b_ miss love cp_85144a carapace


bd7997_mauve_ blue blush d31522 miss love d31530_ miss love

sd1087 storia d31540 miss love d31535 miss love

cd8360-wine tcec s4d3222h37_burgundy sole mio d-26134 tres bien clothing


at2614a rehab kj20048-3 chloah

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