What’s In the Bag? The Top 2015 Fashion Handbags Trends

In today’s era, handbags are no longer a simple accessory. In fact, we don’t reckon it ever has been. It’s a fashion statement. A way for women to make a style statement; and so, one is simply never enough. It is customary for your average fashion enthusiast to proudly boast a collection of handbags, ranging from tote bags, shoulder bags to tiny hand clutches. As a fashion store, are you keeping up with this growing trend?

We’re counting some of the top 2015 trends in hand carries, so that you can invest in wholesale handbags in the best way.

1. The Modern Chic Shoulder Bags

Chic Shoulder BagsFor too long, shoulder bags have been deemed as a casual addition. But times have changed, and with that a range of chic and classy collection of shoulder handbags accompany, rendering them as the new hot, popular! These bags are available in various sizes and colors, with variation in their design orientation. Take a look at our modern handbag collection.

2. The Cut Out Design

Cut Out DesignLace has been one of the most beloved accessories in fashion apparel – a subtle peek-a-boo play. This innovation has now inspired a stunning collection of cut out details in handbags. With a shoulder bag design, these handbags are available in various laser cut patterns that are edgy and the epitome of high fashion.

3. A Tale of Pattern Plays

Pattern PlaysFrom eye-catching clutches, playful tote bags to brilliant colored shoulder bags, this trend is all about dramatic colors strategically aligned to create stunning handbag designs that are meant to inspire a youthful look.

4. The Stylishly Functional Satchel

Functional SatchelWhile some prefer the high fashion trends, there are others who opt for functionality over aesthetic appeal. And that’s why satchels are so popular. So, why has this functional handbag the talk of the town this season? It’s because the much loved Victoria Secret Supermodel and Angel, Miranda Kerr was spotted with a stylish satchel bag around her shoulders. All the more reasons for you as a retailer to buy satchels!

5. Hobo Bags

Hobo BagsTypically large, with a slouchy design, the hobo bag is the best friend of women who are guilty of carrying just about anything in their bags. From simple designs, to a retro look and laden with embellishments, there are a variety of trends to choose from. But when you launch your handbag collection, make sure you have a decent collection of hobo bags to appease the functional female looking for that perfectly reliable handbag.

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