Perfect for Sweater Weather

Wholesale Sweaters Sweater weather is here and it couldn’t get any better! Thick knits are extremely warm and comfy, while thin open knits are perfect for layering. At Orange Shine, we have all types of knits and options for women’s wholesale sweaters. What’s currently a trend for sweaters is off the shoulders, open shoulders, asymmetrical cuts, and laces. Here are some of our favorites from our large selection on


Wholesale Sweaters

Wholesale Womens Sweaters

12w0861l Very J 12w0934v Very J 70672_ivory B-Sharp Collection

at2673a Rehab cw2230-sage TCEC D9335 Mitto Shop

H3771 Hayden LA jst171c POL jst346 POL

LSW0261 Listicle LT1804A Line & Dot rt-1311-6i Ellison

rt-1331-6 Ellison sl2348 She & Sky sw-70145-c UNIQ

sw-70177-c UNIQ sw-70182-c UNIQ SW-70225-W UNIQ

T1494-WHT One Star t5371 Entro t5457 Entro

t6265c Mitto Shop T30595 Love In

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